Good Evening,

I just thought I would send a little progress report on Farah as asked for.
She has settled really well so far and I’m loving spending time with her. She was a little off to begin with which is totally understandable coming into a new Enviroment, But now shes puuuuring away getting lots of fusses and snuggles. She loves her pink soft blanket, She loves to play with her balls and run round chasing them.
Farah has been treated like royalty here and we have bonded so well together she is just so soo loving and seems to be very happy. Shes not nervous anymore and each day is getting better and better with her.
It has only been a short time and already she is following me around talking to me sleeping by my side and we have been having a snuggle before bed.
We are extremely greatful to all Staff at Leicester Animal Rescue for their hard work & quality Care in Rescuing Animals in need you do such outstanding work and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I have attached some photo’s for you above we haven’t had many Photos or Videos just yet
Kind Regards.
Farah & Byron.