Project Description

  • Jack Russell

  • Male

  • 11 Years

Bozo needs an experienced terrier home with no young children or other animals. He can be an affectionate boy and loves to play but he can also get grumpy when he doesn’t want to do something. He is used to living outside so would appreciate home comforts in his senior years. He is with us due to him not getting on with the other animals in the house.

Bozo is in his golden years now and he has been waiting patiently for his forever home for over a year! From what we know he hasn’t had a great life and because of this he can be unsociable at times as well as a bit unpredictable. He does love a good fuss and a brush on his own terms. He enjoys running after a ball and he loves squeaky toys. Being a terrier he can be very stubborn and likes to hunt rodents if he gets the scent. Bozo would need to be kept on a lead when he’s walked. He would need to be only pet in an adult only household. Bozo needs someone with time and patience to show him that affection is a positive thing. He deserves a loving retirement.