Project Description

  • Labrador cross German Shepherd

  • Female

  • 5 years

Cassie will need an experienced owner. She can be unsure of meeting new people but once she trusts someone she is very affectionate. She is not good with other dogs which shows when she is out walking past them which is the reason she has came back to us, her new owner found her too much to cope with when walking her around other dogs. Cassie is also not good with cats and can be homed with teenagers.

Beautiful Cassie really is a very sweet girl but you do have to earn her trust. She loves cuddles and belly rubs, she also enjoys a good game of fetch as wells as playing with squeaky toys and tug of war. She is very wary of strangers so Cassie will need someone patient who is willing to help build her confidence and continue with her training. She is the size of a small Labrador but can be strong. She walks very nicely on lead when there aren’t any distractions around but is spooked by traffic including bikes and can lunge at vehicles/bikes going by but she is coming on leaps and bounds with her training with this and she can now walk calmly alongside non-reactive dogs as well. Cassie knows basic commands and takes treats very gently. In the right hands Cassie will make a great pet and a lovely, cuddly companion. She really is worth it and deserves a loving home!