Project Description

  • Staffi cross

  • Female

  • 2 years

Lady will need an experienced dog owner. She came to us with fear aggression but once bonded she is a real love bug. She has been around children but has never been around other animals. She can be strong on the lead. Lady does tend to form stronger bonds with certain individuals which could lead her to be quite protective so she would benefit from a home where she will get plenty of socialisation and due to this we will home her with older children

This beautiful girl is the lovely Lady, a very affectionate and loyal girl with oodles of love to give…. for the right person or couple. Lady can bond very quickly with some people and others have to really work at it to earn her trust. We think Lady would be best suited to someone on their own or a couple, experience is a must. She can be very protective of her people and her home so minimal visitors whilst she settles, bonds and learns that guests are allowed in her space. Her few negatives are nothing compared to her positives! She’s loves to cuddle and have belly rubs, playing tug of war with her is great fun even though she always wins, she enjoys squeaky toys (especially a honky pig) even if they don’t last very long, she loves to play in water – crystal clear or thick muddy puddles, she couldn’t care less, Lady is a lot of fun and will make you laugh every day, absolutely full of character! She can sit, give paw, takes treats gently, can walk lovely on the lead (slip lead or harness), sits to cross the road when asked, can walk along side with some dogs happily but can be reactive to others so would definitely benefit from training and socialising once settled. Lady was a bit over weight when she came to us but has since lost 4kg and is now 27kg, she is a big girl and can be strong when she wants to be. She can walk for hours, exploring and rolling in the grass. She is much loved here at the shelter and she is waiting patiently for the right family to come along to shower her with love and make her feel safe. She will make a fantastic companion!