Project Description

  • DSH

  • Male

  • 15 & 12 years

Socks and Tibbles came to us because their owner moved to an upstairs flat and they are used to going outside. They are not used to other animals or children. They are to go together. Since being with us we had them checked out at the vets and Tibbles has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which he needs daily medication for. Its easy to give in a bit of meat and the cost of his medication will be covered by us if it helps to get this pair a home


This adorable, gentle pair of chaps don’t have time for wasting in a cattery. Both boys are very friendly but a bit shy on first meeting. The both enjoy a brush and a good fuss. They are food mad but will need to be on sensitive diet to keep their tummies happy! Socks is the bigger of the two. These boys need to be enjoying their golden years in a home and they will make very loving and loyal companions