Project Description

  • American Bulldog Cross

  • Male

  • Approx 4 Years

Stunning Tom came to us from the pound so we do not know anything about him. He’s a very friendly boy and seems friendly towards other dogs although he is quite strong on the lead. He can’t be homed with cats. Because of Tom’s unknown history we will home him with children over the age of 12 years old.


Handsome Tom has been with us since August and we can’t just can’t understand why?! He’s such a sweet & friendly lad. Tom is quite a big & strong boy but can walk nicely on his harness and he does enjoy his walkies. Playing with Tom can be a challenge, it depends what mood he’s in, sometimes it’s tug of war, playing with squeaky balls, hide and seek with burying toys or a good game of chase. Tom can be an affectionate, cuddly boy but you have to earn it, it’s well worth the wait. Tom has made a lot of doggy friends at the kennels and could possibly be homed with another dog. He’s been waiting so patiently for a forever home. He’s a fantastic boy and will make a great addition to the right home, he deserves it.