A little update and photo’s of Velvet (vets kittens) & Angus (Mikey)

Theyr’e doing ok, into everything especially Velvet a little live wire.

Angus neutered last week. Came home full of beans. It was Velvet who fell asleep after a worming tablet.
Only little problem is that they steal food from Teddie my older cat. Even though they still have their own food, have to try and feed them separately.  Hopefully they’ll grow out of it. Any suggestions please. Angus a lot more confident but still a bit wary, but we’re getting there. He loves Teddie follows him around and sleeps with him. Teddie who’s 17 & half was 5 months old when we got him from Animal Rescue wasn’t sure what hit him at first, but he’s very plassid. Love them all to bits.