Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all ok and had a good Christmas.

Just wanted to send some more photos of Belle, she has so easily and quickly become a very loved member of our little family- she is an absolute delight bless her. I have also included a picture of her Alopecia- which has over recent weeks has made incredible progress (haven’t done anything treatment wise, other than a nice bath now and then J ) We believe it’s because she is settled and happy- on one side it has completely grown back and thick bar one little patch. Her other side is on its way through and thicker fur growing through by the day! So reassuring to see this for her. Just thought we would share this progress.

She has been the vets for her check-up- we registered her here with us, and is up to date now with vaccines, she had a slight ear infection a  week or so after she came home, and this was cleared up with antibiotics – and no trouble with her ear since bless her.

I have attached some photos of her for you-

Just wanted to say thank you- she is just utterly adorable and so loved