Hello Friends at Leicester Animal Rescue, its Benson here, with a progress report from my new home.

I am settling in very nicely with my new owners (Mark and Louise) and I have quickly adapted to my new name ( usually when I hear it, it means I am going to get fed, or a walk, or playtime, or a cuddle, so it didn’t take long to learn it!).

As you will see from the attached photos, I am making myself at home, and I have heard my new owners telling people that I have got my “paws under the table”.

Near to where I live there are some lovely woods and fields, and I enjoy going for walks there with all the different paths and interesting smells.

This morning they took me up to the local playing fields. My humans have one of those ball launchers so that my tennis ball goes even further when they throw it for me, which I love. I did lots of chasing the ball, and I only got distracted once when some joggers ran past, but they didn’t seem to mind me running up to say hello!

I have met some other family members and friends, and everyone seems to like me – some of them have even bought me new toys and treats as a welcoming gift. When we go walking I sometimes meet other dogs, and one morning I had a nice run around the local field with a rather attractive female lurcher. I am hoping I will bump into her again.

Sometimes I get a bit over-excited when I notice that my owners are getting ready to take me out – it seems to take them ages, and I have a mad few minutes running around the house and jumping up. I am gradually learning that I have to calm down a bit before we set off.  I haven’t broken anything yet though, or chewed up anything I shouldn’t!  Mum says I am getting better at walking nicely on the lead, especially on street walks.

To sum up, I am a happy big pup, so I think I will allow my new owners to keep me!!

Lots of love and licks to you all,