Hi Guys
Buddy has settled really well and made himself at home really quickly he fits in to the family really well and we just adore him. Our family’s have all been round to meet him  and they have also fell in love with him.
He his quite a character and there hasn’t been a dull moment with him he makes us all laugh.
We will send some pictures with Buddy’s progress just so you have an update with how he is getting on.
He loves his walks and as been learning recall with my partner which my partner let him off the training lead today on the field and was a good boy and come back when he was called.
He’s reacting well to his commands although he can be stubborn at times 😂 he’s reacting really well.
He has been going on lots of walkies and met lots of local doggies whilst on his lead  but is still currently working on his manners and not to go in to the meet with them to fast.
But we feel he’s coming on leaps and bounds and made lots of progress in such a short time.
Kind regards