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2 03, 2021



Dear All, It's one year ago today (21st February) that I first set paw in my new home. Me and my servant have settled into a jolly nice routine, though she can be annoying at times by not getting up and feeding me exactly when I would like.  Which is quite often at 4.30 in the morning - a super time for a bit of nosh. As you can see from the photos I like to keep up my morning stretching exercises and, if the weather's nice, have a little look round the garden. I have met the vet twice; once when I had a bladder infection and again for my boosters. The second time I went the vet said I'd put on a bit of weight (1/2 a kilo) which I thought was a bit of a cheek.  "Good

2 03, 2021

Sugar & Boo (Formerly Spot & Snowy)


Hi all. Just a quick email to show you how the 2 girls have settled in their first 2 weeks with us. As you know we have renamed them Sugar and Boo. Sugar is a real sweety and loves to come for a fuss on the sofa in the evenings. Boo loved to sleep under her blanket rather than on top of it. She also loves to be fussed especially in the mornings on our bed at the weekends. They still have their safe room they can go to if they feel they want some peace and quiet however this is becoming less and less each day. Attached are some photos over the last few days and as you can see they have made themselves at home. Many thanks for helping us find this gorgeous pair, our furry family. Mandy

Sugar & Boo (Formerly Spot & Snowy)2021-03-02T15:43:37+00:00
2 03, 2021

Lilly (Formerly Bramble)


Hope you are all well,  agility has had to stop due to Covid but plenty of friends in the park to run with and obedience training going ok Lilly barks at the back door we let her out Lilly barks to come in so we open the door Lilly goes to bed we turn out the light Lilly cries at the front door we go for a walk Lilly brings a toy we play See work in progress but our training is going well

Lilly (Formerly Bramble)2021-03-02T15:40:19+00:00
2 03, 2021



Hello To All the staff at Fairwinds Leicester Animal Rescue We thought that you would like to know how Murphy is getting on in his new home. We are very pleased with Murphy and he seems to be settling down and his comical personality is coming out, He is a lovely dog (He Still would like to eat every cat he sees) but we keep him on his lead so that's ok. Murphy loves his walks and the garden. I've included Some photos taken over the last week: He is changing our lives really happy to have him as a member of the family Thank you again let me know you received the photos hope you like them. Kind Regards Catherine and John

2 03, 2021



Hi Bella has been getting on fantastic! She loves her new home with our two little girls. Bella is extremely cuddly and loves a fussy all the time especially at night time. Bella has now found her night time spot which is in the middle of the bed with her head on the pillow. She’s an absolutely amazing beautiful girl and couldn’t wish for anything better. Thank you all at the shelter you’ve been amazing x Many Thanks, Holly

2 03, 2021



Hello we adopted Bess from you 13 ish years ago she’s between the ages of 16-18 now. She was nick named hyper by the staff at the shelter. Well this is her enjoying the snow the other day. She still gives the young ones a run for their money! Bess is a patterdale x and she is very special to our family. I’ve sent a bulk load of food over to yourself today I think I’ve checked dates etc on it all but please just double check to make sure I’ve not missed anything. Obviously all food is given to the dogs at your discretion we can’t be held responsible for any reactions etc (not that there would be) my mum has sent some collars and other little bits have been donated by members of the public too. We hope

2 03, 2021

Mollie (Formerly Cindy)


Hello, Just wanted to share some photos of how well Mollie is settling in. She has been well walked, is super quick to learn and we’ve only had two accidents so far - we think she’s making great progress and already can’t imagine life without her. She’s a really lovely natured dog and the perfect fit for our family - thank you for letting us adopt her. We are all looking forward to many happy years with her. Kind regards, Jill and Jason Doughty

Mollie (Formerly Cindy)2021-03-02T15:04:45+00:00