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In Their New Homes

/ In Their New Homes
15 07, 2019

Nala (Formerly Molly)


Hi, It's me Nala (Aka Molly). I just thought I'd check in with you. It's been 8 months since I was adopted and so much has happened in that time! I've had my first Christmas. I spent this around my friend Missy's house and I got lots of presents. I was really excited for my Christmas turkey! This February, I went to the beach for the first time with my new family. I was in awe of the sea, but would run away from the waves when they came back in towards me. I also helped my mum and dad get engaged! I had the ring in a small bag on my collar! Thank you everyone for finding me my family! Nala x

Nala (Formerly Molly)2019-07-15T21:51:15+01:00
15 07, 2019

Benson (Formerly Tyson)


Hello Friends at Leicester Animal Rescue, its Benson here, with a progress report from my new home. I am settling in very nicely with my new owners (Mark and Louise) and I have quickly adapted to my new name ( usually when I hear it, it means I am going to get fed, or a walk, or playtime, or a cuddle, so it didn’t take long to learn it!). As you will see from the attached photos, I am making myself at home, and I have heard my new owners telling people that I have got my “paws under the table”. Near to where I live there are some lovely woods and fields, and I enjoy going for walks there with all the different paths and interesting smells. This morning they took me up to the local playing fields. My

Benson (Formerly Tyson)2019-07-15T21:44:44+01:00
15 07, 2019



Hello all, I just wanted to send you a message to let you know how much we love Roxie and how well she has settled in to her forever home. Thank you for pairing us up with our perfect pet! She’s just wonderful; she loves the attention we all give her and has really enjoyed exploring the house over the last couple of days. She’s been for her second round of vaccinations this morning and is eating and drinking well (as well as knowing exactly how to use the litter tray! What a dream!) Thank you again for all your help in finding her, she is just perfect. (She’s also doing a great job of hearing the kids read at breakfast time, much to the delight of their teachers!) Kind regards, Rebecca

14 07, 2019



Hi Guys Buddy has settled really well and made himself at home really quickly he fits in to the family really well and we just adore him. Our family's have all been round to meet him  and they have also fell in love with him. He his quite a character and there hasn't been a dull moment with him he makes us all laugh. We will send some pictures with Buddy's progress just so you have an update with how he is getting on. He loves his walks and as been learning recall with my partner which my partner let him off the training lead today on the field and was a good boy and come back when he was called. He's reacting well to his commands although he can be stubborn at times 😂 he's reacting really well. He

14 07, 2019



Hi everyone at Leicester Animal Rescue, Izzy was a bit upset for the first half of the journey but eventually settled down- once we got to her new home she was playing with a tennis ball in the garden within 2 minutes of arriving ! - I’d say we’ve played with her for over 3 hours so far and she shows no sign of tiring... We’re looking forward to getting her inoculations done so we can start taking her for a few long walks in the countryside and give her a nice variety of play and walks in her life. At the moment this evening she’s a bit anxious and I think she’s missing all of her lovely friends at Leicester Animal Rescue. Playing fetch with a ball in the garden helps her to relax and we’re getting quite a

8 07, 2019



Hi guys, Here are a few photos of gorgeous little Pom. She is settling in really well. We are taking her everyday for socialising walks - she’s really good but gets excited by small dogs and bicycles! We’re working on the barking! We have actually decided to give her a new name because she didn’t respond to Pom. We have tried many names and Fluff is the favourite at the moment. She and Poppy are getting on very well. We will send more news soon. Thanks so much for looking after her and letting us give her her forever home. Love from Vanessa, Carl, Caitlin, Granny and Poppy dog

8 07, 2019



Dear all, Toby’s first Campervan weekend in Norfolk!  He’s settled in so well and is getting more and more confident with other dogs and has had several off the lead field runs.  Toby is absolutely adorable.

8 07, 2019



Can’t tell you how thrilled we all are with trouble at all and has been so adorable and loving!  We’ve had lovely woodland walks and training walks around the village working well with clicker and training treats..He’s stopped pulling with using the Halti and sits nicely at each kerb and most times ‘stays’.  He’s gaining in confidence slowly meeting my other dog walking friends dogs and will persevere with socialising.  Not a peep from him at night in the kitchen either.  And Pete has bought gate and fitting it today! Best wishes Sarah & family