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In Their New Homes

/ In Their New Homes
7 05, 2019



We just wanted to let you know that Jet is settling in with us really well. She's enjoying the sunshine on the back of the sofa and is loving cuddles on our shoulders! Jane and Family

22 03, 2019

Tango & Cash (Emily’s Kittens)


Hello, My boyfriend and I adopted Emily's kittens 4 and 5 back in August. We named them Tango and Cash. They have settled in very well and are very much part of the family. They love playing with each other and getting up to mischief, including climbing into tight spaces and playing with things that they shouldn't. They are very affectionate and love a cuddle. They have started to explore outside too. Today they were neutered and they are still a little dopey. Cash lived up to his lively nature and kicked up a fuss when they gave him an injection. Tango is the bigger of the two and has reacted better to the anaesthetic. I have attached some photos so you can see how they have grown. Thank you very much for letting us adopt these beautiful boys. Their

Tango & Cash (Emily’s Kittens)2019-03-22T22:11:06+01:00
22 03, 2019

Abe & Gordon


Hi all. Just wanted to share an update as to how well Abe is getting on He is still destructive and pines for people when they are not there.  However he is getting better and with Gordon’s help is having loads of fun as well He is brilliant with the kids and although we need to watch where we leave our food he is definitely part of the family. All the best Andy

Abe & Gordon2019-03-22T21:55:40+01:00
22 03, 2019

Munchie (Formerly Snowy)


Hello, Munchie has happily settled down in his new home , I have a couple of girl roomates and he loves receiving attention from everyone 24/7 especially when I'm out for work. He loves sleeping, playing with his toys (his favourite is the fish the shelter gave us!) And he loves cuddles on the bed!! We took so many videos and pictures but here's a couple of him snuggling us. Thank you so much for giving us the love that is Munchie, he is the sunshine of the house! Kind Regards, Catarina

Munchie (Formerly Snowy)2019-03-22T21:48:58+01:00
22 03, 2019



First week in my new home!!! Mummy & Daddy collected me at 12:30 by 1pm I was in the car and ready to go. I enjoy riding in a car, mummy sat in the back with me to keep me company. I did a little doggy pump (mummy blamed daddy hehehe). We got home and both mum & dad walked me around the garden. They then let me loose with all the doors in my new home open and let me explore. After a while we went to daddy’s mums house, we watched England play and every one fussed me!!! I even got to play with 2 footballs myself.  It was a very hot day so I didn’t eat much, when we got home we were all tired but mummy made me a chicken breast (it was yummy). I also

22 03, 2019



Now we have had bruce for over a year now . And best thing we ever did.. he such a pleasure to be around.  And loves playing with his rope and very long walks . Thanks so much bruce has helped my son with his depression too .. bruce really is a blessing to have Thanks so much Dean

22 03, 2019



Hello Everyone, It’s Derry - do you all remember me!!! It’s been a while since I wrote to you so thought I’d drop you a line lol :) I took a few steps back with my walking since I last wrote to you - I just got so over anxious and scared I hardly ever made it further than the end of the drive!!! So Mummy and Daddy called in that special lady again (Rachel @ Desford Dog Care) and she came and got me for a few sessions and with Mum persistently taking me out 3 times a day - TA DAR here I am today happily running around in the fields :) Rachel (the special dog lady!) said I just needed to remember how to be a dog again - and now I do!!! I love my new