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6 08, 2020



To everyone at Leicester Animal Rescue Please find attached a few photos of Alfie the Cavapoo, who has now found his forever home. He loves his walks and visits to the local parks. Loves his food and clears the bowl. He loves to investigate the garden. He has his favourite chair in the house. He also loves his cuddles. He has his favourite friend which is a soft toy chipmunk, as seen in the photos. He loves to carry it around with him. Thank you very much for keeping him for us, we love him very much. We will keep in touch Kind regards Lynda, Peter and Emma (and Alfie.. Woof woof)

6 08, 2020



Hi all, Hope you’re keeping well. Thought I’d send you another Ginny update as we let her outside for the first time over the weekend. She loves to explore and has been in all the neighbour’s gardens to see what they’ve got going on. She likes to sit on top of the shed. There are a lot of other cats in the street so they’ve been popping by to say hello to her. She isn’t a huge fan of other cats letting themselves in the garden though! We absolutely adore her. Thank you so much. She’s part of the family. Kind regards, Jess.

6 08, 2020

Tilly (Formerly Atilla)


This was Tilly last night relaxing with me after dinner. She's settling in really well. She grumbles every now and then at noises but then she's ok once the noise is explained to her. Now there is no confrontation over food she eats half of her breakfast or dinner then goes out to the toilet then comes in and eats the rest. She has a fluffy toy which she plays with. Am surprised she hasn't chewed it up yet but instead she just chews it a little then falls asleep with it. This morning she even took it outside with her to the toilet then carried it back in. I hope Athena is doing ok. Keep thinking of her. Regards Helen

Tilly (Formerly Atilla)2020-08-06T11:58:25+01:00