Hello everyone – Derry here!!

Just to let you know I’m settling in well at my new forever home.
I was really anxious for the first couple of days when Mum and Dad brought me hereĀ  – I wasn’t too sure if I was staying here permanently – but Mum and Dad have given me lots of love, cuddles and encouragement – and – do you know I think I am really really staying here for ever and ever!!!
I’ve not been walking very well at all! I get all nervous and anxious and just become “rooted” to the spot!! Mum and Dad were quite worried about it so they called a special lady (dog behaviorist) who came to visit me twice and she took me, Mum, Dad and Ruby (my new fur sister) out for a walk! She’s very clever and has shown Mum and Dad how to encourage me to walk and I’m getting better and better every day we go out!!
Anyway I’ve got to go now because it’s afternoon walk time (I go out for a walk 3 times a day here!!) I’ll write to you all again soon!
Lots and lots of love & licks

Derry xxxxx