Hello Everyone,

It’s Derry – do you all remember me!!! It’s been a while since I wrote to you so thought I’d drop you a line lol 🙂

I took a few steps back with my walking since I last wrote to you – I just got so over anxious and scared I hardly ever made it further than the end of the drive!!! So Mummy and Daddy called in that special lady again (Rachel @ Desford Dog Care) and she came and got me for a few sessions and with Mum persistently taking me out 3 times a day – TA DAR here I am today happily running around in the fields 🙂

Rachel (the special dog lady!) said I just needed to remember how to be a dog again – and now I do!!! I love my new doggie life with my forever family thank you to you all there for looking after me until my new Mummy and Daddy found me 🙂

Derry xxx