Just thought I’d let you know how Keira, or Eira has she’s now called is getting on with us.
Why Eira? There’s already a Keira in the family, one of my brother’s dogs, so we thought she needed a new name, I didn’t want to change it too much so did some digging around for names that sounded like Keira and found Eira which turns out to be the Welsh word for snow! That was enough for us as our other dog is called Blizzard!
We had a bit of a rocky start with 3 fights in the first day and a half. The fights sounded quite nasty but I was there to break them up before anything bad happened (except for the bruised hands I got in the process). Since then the two dogs have been getting along fine with some energetic play fighting, no growling, just lots of play with both of them taking it in turns to be submissive and dominant – no more fights though.
Anyway, This coming weekend I will be repairing some fencing that Eira has demonstrated she can get through. Luckily the neighbour was in her garden and sent Eira straight back. She’s not allowed out off lead until that’s fixed. She has, however, been on lots of walks around the village and over the fields and she’s pretty good at staying at home alone now too, although we don’t leave the two dogs alone together yet just in case.
One thing was that she’s not been eating until I started feeding her without a bowl, how strange is that? Still having feeding issues but she doesn’t appear to suffering at all from not eating,
She’s a great dog and she’s settling in fantastically.
A few pics of Eira and her new sister: