Dear Leicester Animal Rescue

I thought we would share with you an update after a few days to let you know how Baby (now Enid) is settling in to our home.

Once she had hidden under the table for a few hours to calm her nerves, Enid became inquisitive about her new surroundings – and hungry – and so decided to venture out to say hello for short periods at a time.

Fast forward just 24 hours, and barring the odd period where she retreated behind the sofa for a bit of peace once in a while (which she still does), she was a totally different cat. She has settled in wonderfully and is on the whole confident, energetic and playful. She loves fuss, loves play hunting and wants to find out what is on or behind every single item of furniture, even if she has checked several times already…..

In the few days we have had her, she has already formed different relationships with all three of us, grateful and fussy to Dad (mainly for feeding her and clearing out her litter tray), friendly and admiring with Mum (but not her slippers), and tolerant and protective of two-year old Poppy (including standing guard outside her door until Mum or Dad has put her to sleep).

At night when all the human toys go away, Enid enjoys relaxing further and stretching out to her full length on the carpet, or chasing after her own toys to burn a bit of energy, of which she currently has A LOT as she can’t go outside.

I have attached a few images of her in her new home for you to enjoy, and will send a further update when she is able to explore the big outdoors.

Thank you for allowing us to offer Enid her forever home, our family is very happy and we hope she is too.


Mik, Carrie & Poppy