Hi all!

Its been a while since we rehomed our dog Freddie, january 2015.I have to say it was a mixed bag of emotions at first. We had not long lost my dog Molly who was 14 and I’d had since she was 8 weeks old. When we lost her she left such an emptiness in our home which we couldn’t live with. We spent a while looking for another dog and came across Freddie a pug cross jack Russel.we were lucky enough to be the ones to rehome him and to be honest i wasn’t sure if we had a mistake.
I picked him up and by the time i arrived home my car was covered in dog hair, something i wasn’t used to. In the coming weeks I found his fur everywhere and I just didn’t feel right.He would wee if someone came to our house or if we took him to my mums house and if was left at all.when i took him visiting he would escape into gardens and give me the run around!
I’m happy to say we persevered and invested in a good comb to keep his shedding down and good food, so  he does  shed but nothing like how he did.
We have had him for 2 and a half years now and he is so settled.He no longer wees which is good and he is such a softee.
He spends lots of time with my mums dog Charlie who was also from yourselves and we also rehomed a year old Yorkshire terrier!
All 3 dogs get along so well and we are so glad we have them.They love going to the park for a run, snuggling up in the same bed although i have started to wake up with both dogs next to me.
We are really happy to have Freddie he is lovely and I’d like to say if anyone has lost their dog and feel guilty about finding another friend please don’t. There are lots of dogs looking for new homes and a new friend brings lot love and enjoyment to your life as we found out.
Hope you like the pictures, you can probably see how they like to have a cuddle although i have to say Freddie is abit of a lumux and tends to throw himself on you and he has to constantly lick!
Hope you like the pictures!