Hi everyone at Leicester Animal Rescue,
Izzy was a bit upset for the first half of the journey but eventually settled down- once we got to her new home she was playing with a tennis ball in the garden within 2 minutes of arriving ! – I’d say we’ve played with her for over 3 hours so far and she shows no sign of tiring…
We’re looking forward to getting her inoculations done so we can start taking her for a few long walks in the countryside and give her a nice variety of play and walks in her life.
At the moment this evening she’s a bit anxious and I think she’s missing all of her lovely friends at Leicester Animal Rescue. Playing fetch with a ball in the garden helps her to relax and we’re getting quite a bit of tail wagging when she’s not seen one of us for 5 minutes. We even took her out in the dark garden to play her favourite game😊
She’s been very well behaved over night and is now ready for a few more hours of playing fetch the ball ! 😄
She’s a lovely girl – thanks so much for looking after Izzy and letting us adopt her.
We’ll send you some more photos over the next few weeks hopefully showing her settling into a new and happy life.
I hope we can give her the stability and happiness that she deserves.
Georgie and Paul