Just to let you know that although it’s only been a few weeks, we can’t imagine a time before Luka.
Thank you so much for choosing us as his forever family , he is an amazing little dog whose quirky personality reveals its-self more and more each day. He has settled into family life happily- not seeming fazed by anything- and although he likes to share his love, he has quickly become my little shadow!
Millie, our other resident dog, now seems happy to share her home with him and even allows him to sniff her, they also help each other out at mealtimes , swapping bowls to clear up any leftovers. Having Luka has also (at agedĀ  11) given her a new lease of life. He loves toys and playing and this has encouraged her to play too, something she hasn’t done in a while.
Thank you again,,
Karen & Luka x