Apologies for not getting in touch to let you guys know how Buttons has settled in over the past few months. So here’s a little update, and thank you again for bringing the cheeky little furball into our lives.

We have renamed Buttons, she’s now called Luna and seems to respond to it. But she’s a cat so obviously responds much better to the shaking of a treat bag rather than her name.

At first she was very very shy, she spent alot of time hiding under my bed and behind the sofa. After a lot of patience though she’s now super courageous – demanding cuddles from everyone who visits the house and running around the garden. She’s really a character, she always greets us when we come home, and does a little yowl everytime she comes indoors to check there’s someone in the house.

But she’s a real good little cuddler. She really seems to enjoy sitting on us on the sofa or when we’re in bed for cuddles. There’s been many times I’ve fallen asleep and woken up to find the cat sleeping on me still. She loves all this attention she gets, and we have little squeaky/meowy chats, especially when she wants her dinner.

Hope yourselves and all the Animals are doing well,
Keep up the great work!

All the best,