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22 06, 2021

Daisy (Minya’s kitten)


Just a quick update on Daisy, one of Minya's kittens. As you can see below,  Daisy loves her Big Sister Fleur ....she follows Fleur everywhere and just wants to play all the time.  She is so full of energy and its just what Fleur needed as she was getting a little 'porky' 😂 Daisy is so full of mischief,  but all is forgiven when she curls up on your lap and starts up with the loudest purr you have ever heard ! Daisy is an absolute delight ..... thank you for allowing her to be part of our family Cathy

Daisy (Minya’s kitten)2021-06-22T09:40:26+01:00
22 06, 2021

Goliath (Candy’s puppy)


Hi So I’m doing great with my new hu-mum 😁 I am practicing walking off the lead - I like doing zoomies - I get to do these walk things everyday and I think they are really exciting! As I am so little still I don’t walk far but I love it! 🥰 I get taken everywhere - my favourite places so far are the park - lots of doggie friends there, this thing called a canal and the cricket club - that is totally pawesome as I get lots of attention there 😁 I am very good in the house now - I am friends with the cat (we sleep together but don’t tell anyone as I am a big scary dog now) and I put myself to bed and sleep until morning! My hu-mum says I am teething

Goliath (Candy’s puppy)2021-06-22T09:36:02+01:00
22 06, 2021

Madam Hattie (Formerly Bella)


Dear Fairwinds I just would like to report that I picked up Bella on Saturday last, a bunch of spitting, growling, feline fur. She yelled all the way home, which was a whole hour's drive, without running out of breath or energy but as soon as I put the basket down in her new home, she went quiet, seemed entirely unafraid and has settled in really well. She is being renamed "Madam Hattie" and I am continuing your attempt to get some of her weight off. On the other hand, I, her servant, am EXHAUSTED! Hence the new name she has been given -  "Madam"! She is very domineering! All the very best for the work you do. Lesley

Madam Hattie (Formerly Bella)2021-06-22T09:32:22+01:00
31 05, 2021

Norman (Formerly Beast)


Hi there, Thanks for looking after Norman (aka Beast); he’s settling in well to his new forever home.  He was a little miffed about being put in a cat carrier, but is happy to be here now 🤗 We’ve had lots of purrs and cuddles and he’s confidently making his way round the house bunting and marking his new territory. He’s eating well and letting his oriental side out by telling me all about his need for fuss and cuddles.  He likes to follow me round the house and see what’s happening, I’m so glad he’s already confident and secure here. Thanks for letting me adopt him, he’s already a great companion 👍 Kind regards, Ross

Norman (Formerly Beast)2021-05-31T09:36:03+01:00
31 05, 2021



A quick progress report on Duke. He has settled well in his new home. He sleeps all night although initially he was only sleeping lightly, within a few days he has become very relaxed and is sleeping deeply . He  is a very quick learner. He is very active enjoying lots of play and walks. He still needs work with his anxieties over other dogs and men but he is already not as reactive and is starting to be calmer around both of them. Kind regards Glenys

31 05, 2021

Evie (Mila’s kitten)


Evening...I just wanted to let you know how Evie is getting on since we picked her up last Saturday. From the moment we brought her home she came out of her carrier within seconds and became one of the family instantly. She has settled in so well and we are absolutely in love with her. She has such a fantastic mischievous character and loves a good play time. She also loves a good of her favourite things to do. It took a few days for our other cat Pippin, who we got from you guys 14 years ago, to accept her but they now enjoy a good play also, Evie sure likes to chase him around and play with his tail. Thanks so much to you all for the great work you do. Samantha

Evie (Mila’s kitten)2021-05-31T09:23:56+01:00
31 05, 2021



Hi all Just to let you know Max has settled in really well. He's such a funny character, so affectionate and very loving, he certainly doesn't act his 16 years either! He's eating well and really enjoys his food. He also enjoys a potter around the garden and loves a cat nap in the sunshine. Thank you so much for letting us adopt him. Best wishes

15 05, 2021

Denzel (Oreo’s kitten)


Hi there, I just thought I would email an update as Denzel approaches his first birthday! Denzel was born at the shelter in May to mum Oreo and I immediately fell in love with him.  He came to join us in August 2020.  We already had a cat Rodney, who accepted his playful little brother at first with slight suspicion but eventually with affection :) Denzel is a much loved member of our family and has grown into a big strong healthy boy.  He has a very relaxed personality and doesn't let anything bother him.  He loves to laze around.  He has since acquired another little brother Trigger (also from Fairwinds) and all three cats love playing and chasing each other. Denzel is the largest! Denzel is particularly fond of my youngest son Henry, who he has chosen as 'his

Denzel (Oreo’s kitten)2021-05-15T09:51:04+01:00
15 05, 2021

Trigger (Mitzi’s kitten)


Hi there, I just thought I would email you an update on Trigger as he has now grown so much! Trigger was born at the shelter in August to mum Mitzi - as we already had a black cat Rodney, and a black and white cat Denzel, I knew little white Trigger would have to join our family to complete the trio :) Trigger is very much loved, despite being the youngest of our cats he is the cheekiest, naughtiest and greediest but he is always immediately forgiven because he's so adorable.  He is also the muckiest :)  he likes to pretend to anyone that will listen that we don't feed him (we definitely do!!) and will never pass up an opportunity for a snack or treat. The other two cats accepted him immediately and he loves to play and

Trigger (Mitzi’s kitten)2021-05-15T09:43:54+01:00