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19 11, 2020



Hello friends! Today (12.10.2020) is my one year gotcha day! I’ve grown so much as a doggo and I’ve been told I’m such a lovely little boy. I still have my mad moments but I love nothing more than playing with my friends and cuddling up with my family. Thank you so much for looking after me during the time I was with you! I hope you’re all well and are staying safe! Lots of love from Gryffin xxx (That crazy pup who mouthed everyone... I rarely do that now I learned it isn’t a good thing!!!)

19 11, 2020



Hi, Here are a few pictures of our little boy Timmy. We had a real bad day with the spinning, it lasted nearly 4 hours !!. Took him to the vet's and they checked him over and said it was his anal glands, they said it could come back so we will just have to wait and see. Karen, Neil and Timmy

19 11, 2020



Dear Leicester Animal Rescue Team I thought you would like to see some photos of Holly in her new home.  It will be two weeks on Sunday since we adopted her and she has fitted in well and seems very happy. She has a lovely temperament and is easy to look after.  She likes her new bed and sitting on a knee (if covered with a blanket), and is eating well. We are pleased that we were able to offer her a home. Best wishes Christine

19 11, 2020

Tilly (Formerly Atilla)


Hello, Just wanted to give you an update on Tilly. She's doing really well. She's still a little jumpy over things but she's getting on really well with her training. She's a proper daddy's girl! Also just to let you know, she has been booked in for her neutering on Monday 12th. Many thanks Helen

Tilly (Formerly Atilla)2020-11-19T09:51:23+00:00
19 11, 2020



Hello everyone at Leicester Animal Rescue! I just thought I would send you a quick update on handsome Blaze. Blaze is doing really well in his new home, we love him to bits! He never fails to make us laugh! He is so friendly and affectionate, he loves cuddles from anyone and everyone. He has already made friends with the children next door! He is a very hungry boy, who is constantly looking for something to eat! I have to watch him like a hawk! His new sister Bandit, was absolutely furious when we brought Blaze home. When we started the introductions between them, he was so interested in her and wanted to play, he was very patient but she wasnt having any of it, she would hiss at him and then scurry off upstairs! She sulked in our bedroom,

16 11, 2020

Lilly (Formerly Bramble)


So from the last update we have been on more adventures,  Lilly has started dog training and we will be doing agility very soon and have already started the ground work ,   Lilly is very active and very cleaver (however digging holes in the garden doesn’t come under either) keeping her stimulated is key and she shows a lot of GS/Bs traits  Lilly will go for her walk then come home and have the zoomies round the garden so we spoke to the vet who is always available with our pet insurance and he gave us the go ahead to do more exercise with her , last weekend Lilly got to the peak of Snowdon and was amazing!!!!! We had trained for the physical and the mental and was faultless with her commands to wait …. Go….. and steady so

Lilly (Formerly Bramble)2020-11-16T09:35:01+00:00