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14 01, 2021

Finbarr (Formerly Toby)


Hi Fairwinds,  I don’t know if you’ll remember us, but we adopted our Westie, Finn, full name Finbarr (formally Toby) in April 2015 from Fairwinds. He’s been the heartbeat of our little family and spoilt rotten. He’s been in good health and a happy little little chap from day one. Things had been going wonderfully until one evening when I came home (November 2019) to find Finn limping. I thought at first he’s damaged a ligament but within 24 hours he was totally paralysed in his hind legs and unable to walk. I rushed him to the vets and he had an X-ray which showed he’s ruptured two discs in his spine probably from a fall injury. Things looked very gloomy and dire and we were advised to consider putting him down because he was in so much pain. But

Finbarr (Formerly Toby)2021-01-14T09:58:09+00:00
14 01, 2021

Coco & Charlie (Formerly Chanel)


Hi all, Just to let you know Coco and Charlie have settled in lovely. I've attached a few photos for you guys. We would all like to say thank you for your time and effort with introducing us to this lovely pair, they sure are a welcome addition to the family. Thanks again Katie

Coco & Charlie (Formerly Chanel)2021-01-14T09:34:54+00:00
14 01, 2021

Ronnie & Reggie


Good evening, So sorry I haven't been in touch sooner, it's been a bit of a whirlwind few weeks but, as promised, I have attached a few photos of the boys, sorry there is so many- I just couldn't pick, they are all so cute! We have decided to keep their names as they do seem to recognise their names. They had their injections on Monday and seemed ok! They just don't like the car very much. We can't imagine life without them now, Reggie is a little baby and loves cuddles. Ronnie is a little more reserved but still purrs very loud when you stroke him, I'm just so grateful you chose us to have them, I'm also so pleased you didn't split them up, they adore each other so much, it's so lovely to see. They are dying

Ronnie & Reggie2021-01-14T09:11:41+00:00
14 01, 2021

Sylvia (Brownie’s kitten)


Hello, I adopted a kitten from you September 2019 and I kept meaning to send you updates and time just got away with me. Little Sylvia has now had her first birthday and well into her second Christmas. She is well and truly living a life of luxury and we are at her beck and call. I would like to thank you for facilitating bringing such joy into our lives and I truly couldn’t imagine life without her. She is the light of life and I treat her like she’s my child. Thank you again for all the work that you do. Beth, Richard and Little Sylvia x

Sylvia (Brownie’s kitten)2021-01-14T08:56:06+00:00
23 12, 2020



Dear all Attached are 2 photos. He is knocking us into shape very gently. He is spending lap time between the two of us and is supervising cooking, washing-up and Christmas card writing. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. Tim and Sally