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17 09, 2018

Sponsored Walk 2018


Click on the picture to see the Gallery What another great sponsored walk this year at Rutland Water's south shore! Staff and volunteers were able to see some of the dogs that were in our care before they found their forever homes. Some of the current residents were also able to come along on the walk for a lovely afternoon out. Sadly we did not manage to get a picture of everyone who attended but if you did take any pictures of your own please send them to our email address. Thank you to all who donated and it all helps towards us being able to look after and find fantastic homes for the animals in our care

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31 07, 2018

Sponsored Walk 2018


Letters for this year's sponsored walk are being sent out this week. If you have not received a letter but would like to attend please contact the shelter on 0116 2599399. The walk this year will be taking place at Rutland Water on September 16th

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14 07, 2018

Monty (Formerly Cookie)


Monty (previously known as Cookie) has been with us for a week now and we couldn’t imagine our house without him! He was on our laps within an hour of being home and I think the pictures speak for themselves! Thank you for looking after him and giving us the opportunity to give him a forever home. Kasia and Rich

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14 07, 2018

Daisy & Leo


We adopted Daisy and Leo on the 5th Jan. Despite not being raised together they have become the best of friends. Shy Leo is the most loving cat, still unsure of loud noises and sudden movements, but loves nothing more than to snuggle on a knee. Daisy is the cutest most playful cat, she loves to play with the kids, with her toys, and when Leo is not expecting it, him too!! The words make yourselves at home certainly apply to these two, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are very thankful to have found the perfect fit for our family. Sarah

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14 07, 2018

Geo & Elisie (Crescent kittens)


Greetings, Attached are some photographs of  Geo and Elisie; Geo being the black and white. They are now much more friendly; especially Elisie, who we can stroke; Geo is uncertain about that. Both are very forward when it comes to food and examining what we are having. They have ventured out of the back door but not very far. They are growing quickly now and definitely two different personalities. We are all very happy thanks to you. Peter & Helen

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31 05, 2018

Pagan in her new home


Hello everyone at Leicester animal rescue. Just thought I would drop you an email to let you know how well Pagan has settled into our family, we adopted her on 4th January this year and from the second we got her home she has been part of the family, we love her very much and she is very happy in her new forever home :) she loves our new baby who I was pregnant with at the time of adoption. We were worried about having to keep her indoors for the time being due to having no garden but it doesn’t bother her in the slightest she is a very contented house cat :) Thank you very much for looking after her so well while she was in between homes!! From Laura James baby Shayne and Pagan

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8 02, 2018

Sponsored Walk 2017


The sponsored walk this year took place at the usual spot, Rutland Water's South shore on September 17th and we were greeted with happy dogs and happy owner's. Staff and volunteers brought some of the dogs from the shelter along too. Sadly we could not get everyone's picture, some including the Gautry famliy with regular walker Buzz, volunteer Zoe with current resident Gary, Aggi with her family, current residents Minty, Khalua, Ruby, Fudge and many more. Thank you to everyone who attended we are always so happy to hear how our past residents are in their new homes. With the money raised we can continue to find new homes for the dogs in our care so thank you for your support See you again next year!

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