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12 03, 2020



Hi, My new home is amazing and I am given so much love and hugs. My owners take me out every day for long walks and sometimes I even go to work with them. I am on some tasty food and my tummy has settled plus I don’t get so angry at other dogs anymore. I have 2 boys to play with who give me treats lots when I do a trick and I sleep on the settee even though I have a lovely bed. I even get tucked up in a blanket. I am very happy and settled. Mummy and daddy are taking me on holiday soon for new walks and to the beach so I can run along the sand. I miss you all and I love you lots for saving me. Max x

12 03, 2020



I have spent the afternoon under a chair, having a bit of a think and trying to work out what on earth is going on. Then I heard the wonderful sound of a food packet being opened and whoosh! Straight into the kitchen for a nosh.  Such a relief to get my dinner at my usual time, I had been worried about that. We are now on the sofa, or rather, my new mum is sat on the sofa and I'm lying just behind her head, deafening her with my purrs. Will let you know how things go. Love Cleo xxxxx

12 03, 2020



Hi there, Thought I would send you some photos to show how well Storm has settled in, after just a week of being in his new forever home. There's nothing he loves more than snuggles on the sofa, unless something has caught his attention then he is straight to window! The arm chair is his favourite look out spot. He also loves laying in front of the fire when it's on and stares at the flames - he gets hypnotised by it! Storm is very well behaved and knows commands. When we are eating he either lies down or goes to his bed and knows to wait until we have finished. When it's bed time, we let him have a little good night cuddle and then he's very happy to go to his own bed. He stays there all night!

12 03, 2020

Eira (Formerly Keira)


Hi, Just thought I'd let you know how Keira, or Eira has she's now called is getting on with us. Why Eira? There's already a Keira in the family, one of my brother's dogs, so we thought she needed a new name, I didn't want to change it too much so did some digging around for names that sounded like Keira and found Eira which turns out to be the Welsh word for snow! That was enough for us as our other dog is called Blizzard! We had a bit of a rocky start with 3 fights in the first day and a half. The fights sounded quite nasty but I was there to break them up before anything bad happened (except for the bruised hands I got in the process). Since then the two dogs have been getting along

Eira (Formerly Keira)2020-03-12T09:40:35+00:00
12 03, 2020

Barnaby & Belle


Hi Update on the boys, they have settled in well! For 10 year olds they're very energetic!! 4am running around the house is a daily routine now and nothing beats the lazer! They've started going out now and they're very happy making me do their bidding and open and close the door as needed. We're a very happy little family! Thank you for letting us adopt them!

Barnaby & Belle2020-03-12T09:38:32+00:00
12 03, 2020

Sophie & Tinker


Hi there Just to let you know that Sophie and Tinker have both settled well into their new home. They are now very good friends and there’s no hissing or falling out.They have had lots of cuddles and have been extremely spoilt. Thank you for letting my Mother in Law re home them you have made her very happy. Kind regards Sarah

Sophie & Tinker2020-03-12T09:24:58+00:00
12 03, 2020



Hi. We rehomed beautiful Derek from you in November last year, I sent some photos and an update on how well he has settled in. We are so pleased with Derek and he has really completed our family I wanted everyone to know!! Regards Donna

12 03, 2020

Penfold (Formerly Rolie)


So this is Rolie (now Penfold). I’m calming down would you believe? I have discovered I like watching football, sitting in front of anything dad wants to watch and long long long walks. I hate the weather girl on Good Morning Britain, being asked to go to bed (I now fall on my side and do a dead dog routine) and not being given a dentastick in the morning. I’ve recently met another pug that goes on a similar walk to me who’s 3 years old and we’re allowed to play together in the park off the lead and I absolutely wear him out! See you soon, Love Penfold (Rolie)

Penfold (Formerly Rolie)2020-03-12T09:12:09+00:00
12 03, 2020

Twig (Formerly Pig)


Hi there, just to let you know, Twig (formerly Pig) has settled in well since we brought him home last month, he's been enjoying the long walks and has visited the Peak District which he loved! He continues to walk like a dream on the lead, even spotting cats and squirrels he pulls slightly but doesn't attempt to chase! He's a well mannered, lovable cheeky chappy and  were loving every moment with him - we couldn't imagine life without him now! Thanks again! Lauren x

Twig (Formerly Pig)2020-03-12T09:10:26+00:00