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14 11, 2021

Olive (Formerly Tyson)


Good morningJust wanted to send a quick update on Olive. She has settled so well into her forever home and it feels as though she’s been with us forever! She enjoys cuddles and playtime with the small human and is eating well, I think her only bugbear is that she REALLY wants to go outside! But don’t worry we are keeping her entertained and occupied indoors for now.I’ve attached some photosKindest regardsThe Reece family

Olive (Formerly Tyson)2021-11-14T15:41:45+00:00
14 11, 2021



Hello,I just wanted to provide you with an update on Tokyo the cat who we adopted just over two weeks ago. She's really starting to settle in - her favourite place in the house is the kitchen window where she loves to snooze and watch the birds in the garden. She's now in a good routine and we've worked out her favourite treats and toys. Absolutely love her!Feel free to use the pic and story above to use online.Best wishes,Claire

14 11, 2021



Hello All,Thank you so much for Buster, he’s truly gorgeous!He’s explored the house, been for a walk and now resting!Will update you later in the week but wanted to send these to show he’s found his place at home!From Sara, Gordon, David, Charlie and Matthew

8 10, 2021

Solomon (Formerly Rocky)


Hi just wanted to let you know how Solomon is doing now. He's transforming into a completely different dog with all the training he's had and still getting. There's times where it seems his progress is going anywhere but then all of a sudden we see a big difference in him and couldn't be prouder of Solomon for the way he's taking everything in. Here's a few photos aswell. (His favourite occasional treats are horse and cow hooves) other than that it's anything natural and meaty ?

Solomon (Formerly Rocky)2021-10-08T10:03:18+01:00