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8 10, 2021

Solomon (Formerly Rocky)


Hi just wanted to let you know how Solomon is doing now. He's transforming into a completely different dog with all the training he's had and still getting. There's times where it seems his progress is going anywhere but then all of a sudden we see a big difference in him and couldn't be prouder of Solomon for the way he's taking everything in. Here's a few photos aswell. (His favourite occasional treats are horse and cow hooves) other than that it's anything natural and meaty 🤣

Solomon (Formerly Rocky)2021-10-08T10:03:18+01:00
8 10, 2021

Fluffy (Mila’s kitten)


Hi I have been meaning to message you to say she’s doing really well. She is confident and inquisitive, she has some extremely playful moments which bring a lot of smiles and then she really enjoys some human time with lots of fuss and she loves to curl up on you or next to you. We knew she would be fluffy (as her name suggests) but her tail!! It seems to get bigger every day. We are so pleased to have rehomed her and adopt her from you. Thanks again. Sarah, Will & Jack

Fluffy (Mila’s kitten)2021-10-08T09:56:33+01:00
22 08, 2021



Hey everyone at fairwinds shelter, I'm giving you an update on how Luna is doing I visited Luna on the 12.8.21 and she appeared very shy, however the more time sitting down getting to know her she started to be more confident and just fell in love with her and how friendly she was. The awesome staff at fairwinds shelter gave me all the information regarding Luna and were really intuitive and knowledgeable with their cats and dogs. So Luna came home with me that same day, when she arrived at her new home she became abit shy and exploring our house but after a few hours went she came up to me and enjoyed a nice fuss. Over a week later she is very relaxed, eating well and enjoying lots of fussies and she has grown in confidence every

22 08, 2021



I thought I would send this to show you the profession Phoenix has made ,she is an absolutely amazing dog!! She has the best temperament, she has a loud and funny personality and is always speaking !!❤️Phoenix goes on adventures all the time and she has recently learnt to swim!  As you can probably remember phone is was very underweight and was very timid , Phoenix is getting bigger and very muscular, she goes on big long trail walks and is so adventurous, She has lots of friends and loves other dogs even cats , is not vicious at all and all around is a great dog . I can honestly say Phoenix has absolutely changed our lives for the better , thank you so much ! We hope to bring her to see you all so you can really see

22 08, 2021



Hello I'd like to just let you all know jasper has settled in nicely and has claimed a few spots as his own he loves his toys and scratching post but also loves to snuggle on my lap as I have my morning coffee thank you for letting me bring the cheeky chap home . Kind regards Tom

22 08, 2021

Benny (Formerly Ben)


Hello, We thought we'd send a brief message to let you know how we're getting on with our amazing Benny (formerly Ben), the Staffie. He's really settled in well since we brought him home just over two months ago which we've been pleased about. Benny has taken everything in his stride so far, he loves walks, going to the park, to the woods, playing fetch and tug and cuddling up on the sofa with our two daughters. He's a real character and has become well known and liked around the village, he's made lots of friends and seems to be very settled. We've continued with Benny's training and have had some one to one sessions with a local trainer who really has taken a shine to him. Benny's a very clever boy who seems to be able to pick up new skills

Benny (Formerly Ben)2021-08-22T09:46:56+01:00
22 08, 2021



Dear Team Just to let you know that Lola the cat, who we adopted at the end of May, has settled in her new home. She likes to laze about and help me with my work. She has just started going into the garden. My boys love her and are learning about how to care for a cat.  She is quite cheeky and eats anything. She loves to lick crisp packets too, so we have to make sure we put any food well away and keep the bin lid down! Thanks for looking after her when her former owner gave her up. Attached are some photos of her. Vicky

22 08, 2021

Simba (Formerly Toby)


Hi Just to let you know that he’s getting on really well.  He’s certainly an energetic wee thing, and we love having him here.  And like you say he’s a 100mph and then just zones out completely. The kids have given him the name Simba - so if  it’s not too late to put that on the chip info that would be great. I’ve attached a few photos.  I ‘lost’ him in the first couple of hours only to find him in the washing machine watching me as I looked for him.  Lesson learned to keep that door shut! Thanks again Graeme, Anna, Seb, and Georgia.

Simba (Formerly Toby)2021-08-22T09:36:20+01:00
22 08, 2021

Dottie (Minya’s kitten)


Hello Just a little update on Dottie… Dottie is such a special girl and we are so grateful for her. She has settled in amazingly and we can’t imagine what life was like before her, so thank you so much for bringing her into our lives and taking such good care of her… and thank you to Minya for raising her so well! She is such a character, she loves all the fuss she can get and wants to be involved in everything we do! She makes it very clear how excited she is for her food and she is definitely mischievous. Her favourite past times include trying to destroy our blinds, playing fetch with a toy mouse, sunbathing in the kitchen and curling up for a snooze. Dottie has had her vaccinations and was spayed on Monday.  Hope all

Dottie (Minya’s kitten)2021-08-22T09:32:16+01:00