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27 01, 2019



As promised, a picture of Kato & Tia, who are getting on well now that Tia is recovering, laying together under the table Tia is a Puli & thinks Kato is a sheep, Kato thinks its just a bit of fun & there is no aggression between them. He has settled in really well, we have started him on recall training, he comes (if there is nothing better to do).......  early days, but he will get there. We are really pleased with him, he loves to meet other dogs, and  the only time he pulls on the lead is to get to other dogs to say hello, kind regards John & Lesley

7 01, 2019



Hi all! Its been a while since we rehomed our dog Freddie, january 2015.I have to say it was a mixed bag of emotions at first. We had not long lost my dog Molly who was 14 and I'd had since she was 8 weeks old. When we lost her she left such an emptiness in our home which we couldn't live with. We spent a while looking for another dog and came across Freddie a pug cross jack Russel.we were lucky enough to be the ones to rehome him and to be honest i wasn't sure if we had a mistake. I picked him up and by the time i arrived home my car was covered in dog hair, something i wasn't used to. In the coming weeks I found his fur everywhere and I just didn't feel right.He

7 01, 2019



Hi all Sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch. Scratchy has settled in well in our home. He's eating well. Playing with toys and doesn't mind the other pets. He is definitely the cat for us. Thanks for the right advice when we came to choose him. Mandy

7 01, 2019



I thought anyone who remembers Barney might like to see how he's doing. On the negative side he still has a dodgy tummy in spite of special food and he is very wary of visitors. On the plus side he loves sitting on my lap and having a fuss made of him. He's started enjoying the garden in this good weather and clearly feels very at home with us. We feel he's having a better life in his mature years. Thanks for looking after him. Carol

7 01, 2019



Hi We just wanted to update you and send some pictures of Sadie. She is brill and we love her very much. After some research....You might be interested to know that Sadie isn't a Lurcher or Lurcher /Saluki cross but a 100% Sloughi or sometimes called a Berber greyhound. She put on 2kg in the first couple of months and has muscles on top of muscles now. In absolute prime condition. No issues at all. Lots of work as you can image...Finding safe places for the blast out can be challenging. However she is very good with other dogs. Small dogs chasing a ball could end up in potential death for the little dog so we are very mindful of her prey drive thanks again for looking after her so well Kind regards

7 01, 2019

Luna (Formerly Buttons)


Hello, Apologies for not getting in touch to let you guys know how Buttons has settled in over the past few months. So here's a little update, and thank you again for bringing the cheeky little furball into our lives. We have renamed Buttons, she's now called Luna and seems to respond to it. But she's a cat so obviously responds much better to the shaking of a treat bag rather than her name. At first she was very very shy, she spent alot of time hiding under my bed and behind the sofa. After a lot of patience though she's now super courageous - demanding cuddles from everyone who visits the house and running around the garden. She's really a character, she always greets us when we come home, and does a little yowl everytime she comes indoors to

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17 09, 2018

Sponsored Walk 2018


Click on the picture to see the Gallery What another great sponsored walk this year at Rutland Water's south shore! Staff and volunteers were able to see some of the dogs that were in our care before they found their forever homes. Some of the current residents were also able to come along on the walk for a lovely afternoon out. Sadly we did not manage to get a picture of everyone who attended but if you did take any pictures of your own please send them to our email address. Thank you to all who donated and it all helps towards us being able to look after and find fantastic homes for the animals in our care

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31 07, 2018

Sponsored Walk 2018


Letters for this year's sponsored walk are being sent out this week. If you have not received a letter but would like to attend please contact the shelter on 0116 2599399. The walk this year will be taking place at Rutland Water on September 16th

Sponsored Walk 20182018-07-31T15:45:11+01:00
14 07, 2018

Monty (Formerly Cookie)


Monty (previously known as Cookie) has been with us for a week now and we couldn’t imagine our house without him! He was on our laps within an hour of being home and I think the pictures speak for themselves! Thank you for looking after him and giving us the opportunity to give him a forever home. Kasia and Rich

Monty (Formerly Cookie)2018-07-14T21:09:01+01:00