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12 03, 2020



Hi. We rehomed beautiful Derek from you in November last year, I sent some photos and an update on how well he has settled in. We are so pleased with Derek and he has really completed our family I wanted everyone to know!! Regards Donna

12 03, 2020

Penfold (Formerly Rolie)


So this is Rolie (now Penfold). I’m calming down would you believe? I have discovered I like watching football, sitting in front of anything dad wants to watch and long long long walks. I hate the weather girl on Good Morning Britain, being asked to go to bed (I now fall on my side and do a dead dog routine) and not being given a dentastick in the morning. I’ve recently met another pug that goes on a similar walk to me who’s 3 years old and we’re allowed to play together in the park off the lead and I absolutely wear him out! See you soon, Love Penfold (Rolie)

Penfold (Formerly Rolie)2020-03-12T09:12:09+00:00
12 03, 2020

Twig (Formerly Pig)


Hi there, just to let you know, Twig (formerly Pig) has settled in well since we brought him home last month, he's been enjoying the long walks and has visited the Peak District which he loved! He continues to walk like a dream on the lead, even spotting cats and squirrels he pulls slightly but doesn't attempt to chase! He's a well mannered, lovable cheeky chappy and  were loving every moment with him - we couldn't imagine life without him now! Thanks again! Lauren x

Twig (Formerly Pig)2020-03-12T09:10:26+00:00
12 03, 2020



Hi all, I thought you would like to see a few photographs of Buster who is a little star and a complete joy to have around. I sure you will see by the photos he is settling in well at home and at work. Thank you all so much for the great work you do. Happy New Year. Love from Buster's new family xx

12 03, 2020

Tia (Formerly KeKe)


Hi all. Just a quick update. Tia has settled so well with us. It's like she's always been with us. Thankyou. She loves playing with her toys, running round the garden at top speed, walks with lots of new sniffs, cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. She's mischievous, funny, affectionate, so sweet, loving and amazing company. She is thriving and settled well into her forever home. Thankyou. The Thomas Family

Tia (Formerly KeKe)2020-03-12T08:54:46+00:00
12 03, 2020

Trix & Juno (Ruby’s kittens)


Hi there, our two kittens have names and have settled in very well. Trix is a little bigger than Juno and loves to purr. Juno shouts to either be picked up or go on a lap. They both love to play, climb into my daughter's dolls house and argue over a favourite pompom. They are settling well with our black 13 year old adult male. They are super cute and my two girls were so excited when we surprised them with them. Kim x

Trix & Juno (Ruby’s kittens)2020-03-12T08:46:36+00:00
12 03, 2020

Tia (Formerly Keke)


Hi all. Just to say a massive thank you for Tia/Keke. She has settled into her forever home so well, it's as if we have had her since a puppy.   She has been adopted under her new name and hasn't looked back! Tia is such a happy little dog, she is so content. She loves cuddles and settles instantly for a hug, doesn't matter which family member but she does have her favourites! She loves playing, fetch especially with her ball or teddy but after a little while would rather just have a cuddle. She lurves her tummy being rubbed and any toy is soon dropped for that! She loves a rawhide chew and can quite happily munch away for ages, quite handy for people meal times! Not as food orientated now and can sit next to someone without

Tia (Formerly Keke)2020-03-12T08:40:19+00:00
6 02, 2020



Hello all at Leicester Animal Rescue. Just an update on Derek. He is doing so well and settled into our family home, cant believe he has only been with us for 2 weeks feels like he has been here forever. His confidence is growing day by day and his cheeky character is starting to come out. He is loving his long walks across our beautiful countryside and is so good on the lead with my daughters (8 & 11). We will work much harder on recall before attempting off lead! But he also very much enjoys chillin on his bed by the fire. We feel truly blessed to have him as part of our family. He is a much loved part of our family Thank you for every thing you do. My husband will return your call tomorrow afternoon. Pictures