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6 08, 2020

Tilly (Formerly Atilla)


This was Tilly last night relaxing with me after dinner. She's settling in really well. She grumbles every now and then at noises but then she's ok once the noise is explained to her. Now there is no confrontation over food she eats half of her breakfast or dinner then goes out to the toilet then comes in and eats the rest. She has a fluffy toy which she plays with. Am surprised she hasn't chewed it up yet but instead she just chews it a little then falls asleep with it. This morning she even took it outside with her to the toilet then carried it back in. I hope Athena is doing ok. Keep thinking of her. Regards Helen

Tilly (Formerly Atilla)2020-08-06T11:58:25+01:00
6 08, 2020

Lilly (Formerly Bramble)


Good afternoon, I did warn you when you said keep in touch lol So Lilly visited  to Brancaster beach on Sunday and was such a good girl and had so much fun running in the sea and playing with lots of other dogs We left very early so that we got lots of time on the beach before the crowds came then sat watching them fight for parking while we had a pick nick in my cool wet coat This morning I have coughs up on some sleep after I took dad to the park to stop him getting a belly like mums I’m on tour again next weekend so more picks will follow and mums keeping a diary of all my special places

Lilly (Formerly Bramble)2020-08-06T11:54:27+01:00
6 08, 2020

Hendrix & Ridick


Hi, I just thought I'd let you know how Hendrix and Ridick are getting along. The attached photo is after a couple of days. They have settled in really well and love just sleeping in my daughter's room 'helping' her do her school work. They are already a massive part of the family. Thank you again, Natalie and Mark.

Hendrix & Ridick2020-08-06T11:48:36+01:00
6 08, 2020

Kate (Formerly Cat)


Dear lovely people at Fair Winds Shelter, it's been such a pleasure since we've adopted Cat/Kate last weekend! After bringing her home we've left her in the same room as her litter tray for an hour so she knew where it was. Upon opening the door she initially hid behind the toilet for a while but with some treats and encouragement she made her first steps into the new home. She was very cautious and alert to start with and it took a few attempt to get her upstairs (we think she might have lived in a bungalow before). The night she sadly spent hiding under the bed until we "rescued" her in the morning for her first breakfast at home. From then on she warmed up so quickly and even sat on the sofa in the afternoon and exploring

Kate (Formerly Cat)2020-08-06T10:20:45+01:00
6 08, 2020



Hi, I hope you’re well. Ginny has been at home with us since Saturday so I thought I’d send you a little update. We’ve decided against renaming her because she suits Ginny so please could you update the microchip registration with her name? Thank you. Ginny seems to be settling well. She was a bit nervous and spent a lot of time hiding the first two days. She has found some favourite spots in the house to relax in. She loves the windowsill and a beanbag behind the armchair. She’s been eating and drinking well and she runs over when she hears me pouring her biscuits out. Ginny doesn’t mind being fussed but is enjoying being left to get used to her new home at her own pace. I just love looking at her because she’s so cute! We’ve been

10 07, 2020



Dear All I attach a couple of pictures of Milo, more than 18 months after I adopted him from your shelter. He must now be about 17 I would think. He is a delight to have around and a great character once he got over his disbelief that he was Master of the Household and would have his every wish attended to! He even took a house move to Northampton in his stride last year without batting a whisker. Thank you for him. We are great friends. All the very best in these troubled times. Lesley Mathias

10 07, 2020



Sylvester has settled in very well. He was sick in the car on the way home but his stomach settled down quickly and he is now eating an enormous amount.  He is a lovely, friendly cat and a super companion. Here he is in his new garden watching the birds and hoping one will fall into his mouth.  After all it is two hours since he had his breakfast and he is starving again already. With best wishes Penny Russell

10 07, 2020



Hi, Aslan here, just letting you know how I'm settling in to my new home. I was a bit nervous for the first couple of days, but then I settled in so quickly! Can't believe its been a month. I like climbing my tree and staring out of the window at the birds. I love lots of attention! I want constant fuss and attention when I'm awake and my owners love to fuss over me which is great! I come onto the sofa for belly rubs in the morning and in the evening. I get very playful in the evenings too, my owners love playing with me and I have plenty of toys to choose from. I went outside for the first time yesterday, it was quite scary so I didn't stay out for long. Hope you're all well, Aslan

12 06, 2020



As you can see Skittle has settled down very well. She takes over her dad's favourite chair in the evening whenever she can and is enjoying life with us. She is very friendly and 'talks' to us a lot. We are so pleased to have got such a lovely cat to share our home with. Thank you very much. Jim and Ann