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18 10, 2019



Hi to all my friends at animal Leicester rescue! I have settled into my new home perfectly and the first night was like I’d always been there. I have been enjoying long walks around Thornton reservoir as well as running up and down my HUGE garden. Me and holly are the best of friends and we like to lie and cuddle together. Lots of love Lexi

18 10, 2019



Hi all Zuma is settling in well to her new home. Our other cat is not keen but improving. She is eating well and has short cuddles but will sit on the window sill of the conservatory looking very happy. I have attached a photo. Thank you for letting us have her Kerry

18 10, 2019



Hi its stacey I rescued penny from you last year, we sent some pics after a couple of months of having her but wasn't sure if u recieved that email?  It's been a while so I thought would send u a update on how she doing and her latest adventures with the family....she gets on great with my dog king they are like a old married couple 🤣. She non reactive anymore with cats she can see them walk by now without trying to attack she carries on walking, she not reactive with cyclist anymore either! Still doing lots of training with other dogs she getting much better and had been able to walk with other dogs and become apart of a pack she just met without showing aggression. she is more inclined to let other dogs smell her from

18 10, 2019



I thought you might want to know that Dizzy has settled really well. She is so relaxed. She has decided that she likes the sofa in the garden room and has rejected the offer of the utility room!  Oh well, best laid plans! We had a lovely long walk at Foxton on Sunday and she was brilliant off the lead. Great recall and lovely with others dogs and children. She popped upstairs to check we were both safely tucked  up in bed last night and then returned to her sofa downstairs with no fuss.  She has been brilliant over night.

19 09, 2019

Sponsored Walk 2019


Click on the picture to view the gallery. This year's sponsored walk took place at the usual Rutland Water's south shore and it was fantastic to see some familiar faces as well as dogs who have been rehomed in the past year. Staff and volunteers took dogs who are currently waiting for their forever homes and they enjoyed their afternoon out walking alongside many other dogs. Thank you to all who attended and for your continued support on helping us to look after the animals in our care. See you next year!

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21 07, 2019



Hi All Well it`s been 3 months since I left you for my new home so I thought I send you an e-mail to let you know how I am getting on. It`s great here, I get plenty of fuss and get fed well and to cap it all I get my `Dreamies` every day (yum yum); -------- on occassions when they have Tuna sanies I get some as well as a special treat. I`m out and about quite a bit now the weather is a little warmer but return regularly to top up with nosh (it`s hard work climbing fences and onto gargae roofs). I love bobbing the garden bugs and chasing the birds; caught one already (only injured it) but my master picked me up so it got away (spoil sport). In the evenings I`m turning into quite

21 07, 2019



Hi, I adopted Dora from you back in October and I tried to email you some photos around Christmas time but I just realised that I typed the email address incorrectly so you never received them. I wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt her, it feels like she was meant to come to me when she did, and she is definitely a part of the family now. Please find attached photos of her. Thank you Darren