Hi its stacey I rescued penny from you last year, we sent some pics after a couple of months of having her but wasn’t sure if u recieved that email?  It’s been a while so I thought would send u a update on how she doing and her latest adventures with the family….she gets on great with my dog king they are like a old married couple 🤣. She non reactive anymore with cats she can see them walk by now without trying to attack she carries on walking, she not reactive with cyclist anymore either!

Still doing lots of training with other dogs she getting much better and had been able to walk with other dogs and become apart of a pack she just met without showing aggression. she is more inclined to let other dogs smell her from behind now aswell, she loves trying to find and track rabbits. She still has her unpredictable traits and has shown moments of being a protective with the kids from people however when corrected she sits calmly and plays ignore! Lol she gets alot of attention and extremely loving, with her flaws that’s what we love about her character never a dull moment and always vocally has to have the last word if she starts randomly barking lol 🤣…we had rescued another female dog that penny was aggressive towards and was not able to walk together or even penny looking at her threw the glass window would react just because she can,we are now able to finally walk both dogs next to each other on long walks side by side we still separate the girls when there together in my home but she can now lay next to the patio doors look and Dee dee without any reaction so had loads of progress and helped with Penny’s training with other dogs as dee dee is not reactive and stays calm even when Penny’s isnt.
many thanks for trusting me to take on penny we adore her and know this is her forever home. she just a great dog!