Hi All

Well it`s been 3 months since I left you for my new home so I thought I
send you an e-mail to let you know how I am getting on.

It`s great here, I get plenty of fuss and get fed well and to cap it all
I get my `Dreamies` every day (yum yum); ——– on occassions when
they have Tuna sanies I get some as well as a special treat.

I`m out and about quite a bit now the weather is a little warmer but
return regularly to top up with nosh (it`s hard work climbing fences and
onto gargae roofs). I love bobbing the garden bugs and chasing the
birds; caught one already (only injured it) but my master picked me up
so it got away (spoil sport).

In the evenings I`m turning into quite a lap cat and look at the TV
————- I like `Match of the Day` —— there`s a round thing
which keeps going left and right and up and down, keeps me amused.

I`m very grateful for you looking after me; ——— oh and by the way
I stopped my hissing after 2 days.

Love to you All

Sparkle 🙂