Hi there,

Thought I would send you some photos to show how well Storm has settled in, after just a week of being in his new forever home. There’s nothing he loves more than snuggles on the sofa, unless something has caught his attention then he is straight to window! The arm chair is his favourite look out spot. He also loves laying in front of the fire when it’s on and stares at the flames – he gets hypnotised by it!

Storm is very well behaved and knows commands. When we are eating he either lies down or goes to his bed and knows to wait until we have finished. When it’s bed time, we let him have a little good night cuddle and then he’s very happy to go to his own bed. He stays there all night!
He gets very excited for walks and pulls a lot, but we are working on this and he is getting better each time we go out.
We couldn’t have been more lucky with Storm and we are so grateful he has come in to our lives.
Thank you
Lisa and Will