My boyfriend and I adopted Emily’s kittens 4 and 5 back in August. We named them Tango and Cash. They have settled in very well and are very much part of the family. They love playing with each other and getting up to mischief, including climbing into tight spaces and playing with things that they shouldn’t. They are very affectionate and love a cuddle. They have started to explore outside too.
Today they were neutered and they are still a little dopey. Cash lived up to his lively nature and kicked up a fuss when they gave him an injection. Tango is the bigger of the two and has reacted better to the anaesthetic.
I have attached some photos so you can see how they have grown.
Thank you very much for letting us adopt these beautiful boys. Their other brother Alfie (my brother’s girlfriend adopted) is getting on very well too.
Many thanks, Katie