First week in my new home!!!

Mummy & Daddy collected me at 12:30 by 1pm I was in the car and ready to go. I enjoy riding in a car, mummy sat in the back with me to keep me company. I did a little doggy pump (mummy blamed daddy hehehe). We got home and both mum & dad walked me around the garden. They then let me loose with all the doors in my new home open and let me explore.

After a while we went to daddy’s mums house, we watched England play and every one fussed me!!! I even got to play with 2 footballs myself. 

It was a very hot day so I didn’t eat much, when we got home we were all tired but mummy made me a chicken breast (it was yummy). I also really like frozen watermelon on a hot day!!

It was then time for bed, I have a lovely new bed. It’s very comfortable but instead I chose to sleep at the top of the stairs until I got very lonely and started to bark a lot. Mummy and Daddy were not cross with me and understood that I was anxious in my new home. They said they will help me with that and that soon I will be ok. I have been enjoying my walks and we have lots of fields that I can run around in. 

I really think I’m going to like it here!!! Mummy and Daddy are even looking at staying in a dog friendly caravan this summer for a weekend so I can go along!!!