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22 12, 2019

Shadow (formerly Lola)


thought I would give an update,as its exactly a year ago today,(11 October) that we gave this beautiful puss,her forever home.She is such a character who loves playing,cuddles and being brushed. Although still nervous of noise and new people,she is a contented happy little soul and is a joy to own. Naming her Shadow is apt,because she is constantly by my side. Thank you all again for your care and for introducing  a ray of sunshine into our lives. Pat and Doug Cox

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22 12, 2019



Thank you so much for letting us bring Flo home; she is an absolute poppet and settling in nicely. Flo loved the smell of outside, was not 100% impressed with the car but has explored her new home thoroughly - highlights for Flo are the cat toy on a fishing pole, her food and special ‘cat cave’ just for her. Settling in so well, had a wee, eaten fine dry crunches and drank water, played for a good while and had a sleep! And our big ginger cat is scared of her! Go Flo! Thank you again, All the best, Emma and Ned XX

1 12, 2019



Hello, Just sending some pictures of Ziggy enjoying his new home and garden. Thanks very much for letting us rehome him - he's great! He's been learning to be off the lead in a quiet park and play fetch and run, which he only seemed to have done in a garden before. I do have a query, however. He's generally very friendly towards other dogs, but has had a few dominance issues with dogs a similar size to him. Everything will seem ok but then either, or both, dogs will suddenly challenge the other. Ziggy will try to put his paw on their back and be 'top dog'.  We have to pull him away so it doesn't escalate. Is there anything we can do to stop this? Ideally we'd like to train him to be off the lead in bigger

28 11, 2019



Hi thought we would give you an update on bear Bear has been with us for a few months now and has settled straight into our family from day 1.He loves his new surroundings especially his walks.He is such a loving dog and he makes us laugh with his daft ways. Thank you for all you have done for him and we will come and pay you a visit soon The Norwood family x

28 11, 2019



Hi everyone Toby here. My new mum & dad wanted to say thankyou to you for letting them adopt me. I have settled in very well and have made loads of new doggie friends, we all have a good runaround everyday. I have lots of new human friends as well they all love me. My mum says I am a cheeky numpty I'm not sure what that means but I make her & my dad laugh so it must be a good thing.

28 11, 2019



Good Evening, I just thought I would send a little progress report on Farah as asked for. She has settled really well so far and I'm loving spending time with her. She was a little off to begin with which is totally understandable coming into a new Enviroment, But now shes puuuuring away getting lots of fusses and snuggles. She loves her pink soft blanket, She loves to play with her balls and run round chasing them. Farah has been treated like royalty here and we have bonded so well together she is just so soo loving and seems to be very happy. Shes not nervous anymore and each day is getting better and better with her. It has only been a short time and already she is following me around talking to me sleeping by my side and we

18 10, 2019



Hi to all my friends at animal Leicester rescue! I have settled into my new home perfectly and the first night was like I’d always been there. I have been enjoying long walks around Thornton reservoir as well as running up and down my HUGE garden. Me and holly are the best of friends and we like to lie and cuddle together. Lots of love Lexi

18 10, 2019



Hi all Zuma is settling in well to her new home. Our other cat is not keen but improving. She is eating well and has short cuddles but will sit on the window sill of the conservatory looking very happy. I have attached a photo. Thank you for letting us have her Kerry

18 10, 2019



Hi its stacey I rescued penny from you last year, we sent some pics after a couple of months of having her but wasn't sure if u recieved that email?  It's been a while so I thought would send u a update on how she doing and her latest adventures with the family....she gets on great with my dog king they are like a old married couple 🤣. She non reactive anymore with cats she can see them walk by now without trying to attack she carries on walking, she not reactive with cyclist anymore either! Still doing lots of training with other dogs she getting much better and had been able to walk with other dogs and become apart of a pack she just met without showing aggression. she is more inclined to let other dogs smell her from